Monday, March 30, 2009

A quick removal

Well, I must say I was getting a bit nervous as I hadn't been out of the belt at all for 8 days and I was wondering how some of my skin was doing, especially the parts that I'm not able to see. I did take the belt off for about 5 minutes today to do a quick cleaning and I'm happy to report that my skin is fine, there were no real foul smells or anything so I guess I didn't really have to remove the belt, but I figured I should at least check, to be on the safe side.

Also, one of my main irritations as of the last day or two has been some of my pubic hair growing back. Mainly, the stuff growing under the front shield of the belt. I was able to get a razor in under the shield this morning in the shower. It wasn't the greatest, but I was able to pull up enough on the shield to do a quick shave. When I took off the belt for cleaning this afternoon, I noticed that I had got most of the hair, but not all of it, especially around the base of the penis. I did take the quick removal as an opportunity to do a good shave, and now things feel a bit better. I was getting a bit of redness due to the irritation, but now that I've shaved, applied a good dose of A&D Cream, things feel much better.

Could I have worn the belt longer without removing it? Sure. However I'm a bit worried that if I didn't, I might suffer some nasty rashes and or broken skin which would require time off from the belt to let the skin heal. At least the belt is back on, I didn't "cheat" while it was off, for those of you who were wondering. I am thinking that I'll probably need to do a weekly cleaning and mainly shaving to really achieve full long term wear. But, so far so good, I'll probably keep it locked for another week now at least.

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