Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wearing of the belt

I guess I'm posting a lot to begin with probably because I'm finding out a lot about this belt, and I want the info out there for anyone else who might be considering getting one of these belts.

Anyway, I will say that the belt is quite comfortable, it's actually more comfortable than it looks, which is difficult to describe, but it's kind of like a second skin. Movement isn't really restricted, I did go for a quick run yesterday, and I mean a short one, as I'm not a runner, and no problems. I did sleep in my belt the very first night I got it, and that was with no issues at all. I think it's actually more comfortable to sleep in than the cb-3000, which is surprising. Also, no pain from morning erections as the testicles aren't used to anchor the belt.

As of now, I've had it on for about 38 hours continuously, including two nights, without interruption during the day. It's probably going to come off in a little bit as I'm going to be participating in strenuous sports later today and I'd prefer to do that un-belted at this point. Again, it's fairly comfortable, I've had to tighten the waistband one notch, and I believe I'll need to tighten the crotchband one more notch as well, which I'll probably do later when I put the belt back on after sports.

Yesterday though, I had my first foray into wearing the belt out in public, under clothes of course and it went well. I have checked and checked and checked again, and even I cannot notice it under my regular pants. I don't wear tight fitting clothes, but I do wear regular type things. Yesterday, the clothes of the day were a sweater and a pair of chino's. The waistband of the belt rides just a smidgen below where I wear my pants, so with my pants belt nice and tight, no issues with waistband showing, though I did wear an undershirt under my sweater, tucked in. I will say, I was pretty paranoid, but my fears proved to be pretty unfounded. I doubt anyone thought anything was out of the ordinary. I did a bit of walking around, I went to a community event since I like to be active in my community, and then did my grocery shopping, stopped for gas, went to the bank, all basically the mundane errands we all have to do.

I'm happy to say, that my daily activities posed no problem at all. Even driving wasn't all that uncomfortable, and my car is pretty low to the ground, plus it's a manual, so even shifting wasn't a problem. I did however make sure to obey all traffic laws, and I found myself driving a bit more defensively and safely, which I'll consider that to be a good thing, much better to arrive safely a minute or two later than not at all.

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