Saturday, March 14, 2009

The ordering process - first entry

Hey everyone,

This post here is about the entire ordering process, so any of you who are considering ordering one will know exactly what to expect.

First off, communication with My-Steel is EXCELLENT! All of my e-mails were replied to within 24 hours. Also, they communicate very well in English, which is important because about the only thing I know how to say in German is how to order a beer. As long as you understand that English isn't their first language, and take time to read twice, you will have no problem whatsoever. They are very helpful. I would say if you have any questions, feel free to e-mail them, you will get prompt responses for sure.

To give a timeline, I placed the order on a Sunday, January 25th, if I'm not mistaken. They order an express shipping option for an additional cost, but I did not opt for the express, just the standard. One thing to expect, my credit card company called me on Monday morning asking to verify the charge, as I guess it raised a red flag when someone who normally only uses his card to buy gas in the northeastern US, makes an $800 charge online to a german company. Of course, there was no indication really as to what the payment was for, the charge comes up on your credit card as "wwwmysteel" or something like that. I told my credit company that the charge was legitimate and thanked them for watching out for me, and the charge went through.

That evening, I have an e-mail from My-steel with measurement instructions. If I still have them, I'll post them so you can see them. The instructions are very detailed with pictures of live models - no drawings or stick figures here. I was able to measure this myself using a leather belt, flexible tape and a full length mirror. I took the measurements several times a day over several days. A few of the measurements didn't quite match, but there was one set that I was able to get several times and this is what I used. There isn't really a need to get fitted in person or have a partner measure you, but I would assume that would be easier, though this wasn't too especially difficult.

I'll post a follow up in a little while to try and avoid the "text wall" phenomenon.

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