Saturday, March 14, 2009

The ordering process - Second Entry

After I took the measurements, I filled out the order form that they sent me and e-mailed it to My-Steel. There is a slot on the form for each measurement so that you get it right. They then promptly e-mailed me to confirm that they had received the measurements and that they were going to start production of the belt. This was around February 1st or so. They told me that it would take about 3-4 weeks to produce the belt. This is absolutely acceptable in my mind as this is truly a custom piece and it definitely looks like a lot of work went into producing the belt.

Around February 20th or so, which was about 3 weeks time, they sent me an e-mail to let me know that the belt would be shipped the following week, and they did in fact ship the belt. They sent me an e-mail saying that the belt was shipped via German Post and then by United States Postal Service and provided a tracking number. I never got much from the tracking number, as USPS really doesn't do much more than confirm delivery.

Fast forward to March 11th, about two weeks after they shipped the belt. I took the very rare occasion to go home for lunch, and I checked my mailbox and in the mailbox is a notice from my post office saying that I had a package that needed to be signed for, and it would be at the post office ready for pickup tomorrow. Well, I was impatient, so after work, I went down to the post office right around 5:00pm to see if perhaps the letter carrier had already dropped it off at the post office. They had, and I was able to pick it up. I actually didn't need to sign for it, but it wouldn't fit in my mailbox, obviously and they did not leave it so that's why I had to pick it up.

One thing that worried me about this was what if there's the custom's label saying that it's a chastity belt, would the person at the window see something on a content's label that said "chastity belt?" This worried me a bit, as I live in a small town and I go to the post office usually 2-3 times a week and I know both of the ladies who work the window. Thankfully, there was nothing on it marking what was in the box, just the address, a return address with a person's name (the person at my-steel, I won't say what the name is, but just a regular name and address, it does not say My-Steel.) Also, no label on it aside from a sticker saying that it had been X-ray checked at customs. Whatever, so some guy at customs in New York City might have got a glimpse of what was in the box, I can live with that.

The shipping from Germany to me took just slightly less than 2 weeks, again this is with standard shipping, not express. That's pretty good time in my opinion as it usually takes about a week when I have stuff sent to me from California. This is from Germany, had to go across an ocean, through customs, and finally to me. Not bad at all.

So, to put it in perspective in terms of total time to get it, I ordered it on January 25th (a Sunday) and received it on March 11th, a Wednesday. Right about a month and a half. That is absolutely excellent service in my opinion.

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