Saturday, March 14, 2009

First Impressions of the Belt

Ok, let's go back to about 5:15 pm last Wednesday. I have got the belt at home and I unpacked it from the box. I take it out of the box, which it is packed pretty well with packing materials. The belt is all put together, locked with keys in the lock. It comes with two keys which are the same as the locks are keyed alike, and there are instructions in the box as to how to put the belt on.

I read through the instructions, got the lock off of the waistband portion and I put it around my hips. I will mention that there is a trick to getting the locks on and off, it's actually somewhat difficult the first time as they need to be slid off at a specific angle because the tolerances are very tight which is a good thing. Anyway, I got the waistband on, there are several sizing options, I believe it can be at nine different lengths, which gives a range of about four inches, which is pretty good. I was able to get it on at one notch larger than the middle one. I will say, this makes the whole wearing of the belt not quite symmetrical, but its fine. Now I have it at exactly the middle setting, which I'm happy about because that means that if I lose weight (which i need to lose some) I'll be fine and if heaven forfend I gain anymore, I'll still be OK.

Anyway, with the waistband in position, the next order of business is getting the crotch band installed. To do this, I needed to pull it up from between my legs and slip my penis into the tube. It's not too difficult, but you need a bit of muscle and dexterity to do this. Anyway, the crotch band was locked at the middle setting. This was slightly too small. I will mention that there are three settings for the crotch band and an additional three places to position the penis tube, totaling 9 different options if my math is correct.

I detached the crotchband lock and move it to the loosest setting, while keeping the penis tube in the middle setting. This would allow me one looser setting than this. Anyway, I re-attached the waistband, again one notch looser than the middle and pull the crotchband through, slide the penis in, and pull up towards the waistband. Success! It fit's and feels fine. Now, to lock this thing on. This again requires a bit of dexterity as you slide the hole of the crotchband over the locking post and then add over it a metal locking plate and try to fanagle the lock through it. This requires a bit of practice and trial and error as you need to keep the locking plate very tight, which isn't easy. Also, the lock needs to be at a specific angle to get it in. I have a full length mirror which helped. Finally, it's locked on!

The fit is excellent. Obviously it's going to take a bit of bending and such to get used to it, but it fits, its comfortable and man is this thing secure. There is absolutely no possible way to pull out of it, unlike the cb-xxxx series devices. The fit is quite snug, but not uncomfortable at all.

More info to come shortly.

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