Saturday, March 21, 2009

Why I chose this belt

One of the reader's of this blog asked me why I chose this particular model belt, and I think that's a really good question, so I'm going to take a few moments to elaborate on why I chose this particular belt, and selected the specific options that I did. Hopefully this might help some of you who may be wondering what options to buy and help guide you in the right direction.

First off, my decision came with quite a bit of research. Some of you probably know that while I'm only in my mid 20's, I'm not new to chastity belts. I've been reading about them for years on the various pages that are out there, and I owned (gave it away) a CB-2000, and I also currently own a cb-3000. I think most people who are getting into chastity these days start out with one of these devices. The CB line is acceptable, but I always knew I wanted something more. I'm serious about chastity so I wanted a belt that is the real deal. Basically, male chastity belts break down into two categories, the trapped ball devices and the full belt model (excluding lori's tubes, which I hear are pretty good).

I always felt that security and comfort were lacking in my cb-3000, so upgrading was the right decision to do, and yes, I am quite happy about my decision, the My-Steel is everything I expected it to be and more.

First off, why did I go with My-steel? Well, I wanted a full belt, that's a given. In terms of the full belts, there are several styles out there. There are the Florentine Style ones, made by My-steel, Neosteel, Tollyboy, Lockedinsteel and William Jones. Then there is the Carrara/goethals model, which is a bit different, and lastly the Reinholds and Latowski models, which are very different, the latter two I believe require a custom fitting, which for me would require a trip to Europe.

Anyway, I've seen lots of pics of guys wearing belts, read countless reviews and spoken with several full belt wearers. My conclusion was that for my body type (yes, I'll admit, I don't have washboard abs, though I am trying, currently have a few extra pounds on me - I'm not like morbidly obese, or anything close to that, just I could stand to lose a bit of weight.) From what I can see, although I really like the Carrara concept model, it seems their belts would do better for a more slender person due to the way the belt rides over the hips. I had seen many pics of guys with my body type wearing florentine belts, so I figured if they can do it, I can do it. I will say I would someday love to have a Reinholds, but the my-steel certainly does fine for now.

Ok, now for why My-Steel. I had narrowed it down to between Locked In Steel and My-steel. Both seem like excellent options. The reason I went with My-Steel versus locked in steel was due to the fact that the My-Steel was about $150 less expensive, and it was adjustable, which is important to me. The plus of the Locked in steel would be that I live close enough to have a personal fitting. In the end, My-Steel won. I will say that for those of you that are looking at the My-Steel pricing page, it can be wrong if you live outside the European Union. On their main page, all prices include the 19% European VAT Tax. However, for those of us who do not live in the European Union, we are not charged this tax. That's a 19% savings, and that's nothing to sneeze at. To compare, with shipping included and factoring in the exchange rate, I paid $798 US Dollars, whereas a comparably equipped Locked In steel belt would have cost $950. Also, Neosteel I believe is even more expensive, and I don't care for the way Tollyboy's or William Jones belts look.

About the various options I chose. Due to my body type, I chose the hip model. I didn't feel that a waist model would be comfortable, so I went with the hip model. I think most people are choosing this option anyway. Also, I went with the ergonomic waistband, but not the super-ergonomic. I did want the added comfort of the ergonomic band, and I'm happy with the decision.

Now, as for why I chose the model I did, well, My-Steel offers a ton of different models. This is the classic tried and true model, which is why I chose it. People have been making and wearing belts of this style (I got the Total Model) for years. Yes, I'll admit, I love the look of the untouchable, I've heard some good things about the ergo-slim, and the heavy line looks really cool, but I'd wonder about how practical it would be. Also, I didn't care for the transformation model, I'm not a sissy or a she-male, so no need for me to get a belt that disguises my genitals.

Anyway, the traditional model is offered in two formats, the "Comfort" and the "Total" The only difference between the two models that I can see is that the Comfort model is adjustable at the waist and penis tube positions only, whereas the total is adjustable in three ways, waist, penis tube and crotch band length. The downfall of this added adjustment is the need for a second lock for the crotch band. This is not an issue for me, but I know it might be for some people. Like I said, I wanted adjustability, and that's why I ordered the total model.

Ok, this post is getting long winded, I'll explain the other options in another post, probably in just a few hours time.


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