Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Report

Well, now it truly is official, I have made it a full week in the belt, that's right, 7 full days. I know those of you who have worn one for a long time are probably laughing, but seeing as I've only had the belt two and a half weeks, I think this is great.

In the last week I technically did not remove the belt. I did however move the position of the penis tube up one notch, making the crotchband just a little tighter. This seems like a more comfortable setting, as the belt is actually more comfortable if it's snug fitting. On the other setting, it was just a little too loose. Granted, it was still tight, and there wasn't a way to get out, but this feels a little better. To do this, I only had to unlock the crotch lock, I kept the waistband locked, and I did not remove my penis from the tube to do this adjustment. I think this is looking good for long term wear. Everyday, the belt seems to become more comfortable, it's like it's molding to my skin.

I did take some steps for hygiene this weekend, I did take a full bath both days, and I have a detachable showerhead, so I was able to really give a good stream of water into the underside of the tube. It doesn't seem to smell at all, and it looks like its staying clean, so I don't see a reason to remove it yet. Only minor irritation that I'm finding is that the pubic hair under the front shield is getting a bit itchy. I am always shaved, and now that's its been more than a week since I last shaved (haven't gone this long without shaving in years) some of the hairs are starting to be a little irritating.

Other than that, so far so good.

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  1. hi cbeltguy,
    that's the trouble! a belt and pubic-hair.
    maybe remove the belt once a week for hygienic/
    shaving. (5 minutes)(lol)