Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Locking back up

Well, took some time off from the belt, dealt with some major chafing. Have done some bending to the belt and am back locked. Going to a 4th of July party tomorrow, so I do plan to unlock for that, but going to see how long I can go.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Unlocked for a few days

Well, I've had to take a few days off from the belt, did develop a bit of a rash. Hoping that I can put it back on tomorrow for a locked weekend.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Being active...locked

Well, today was the first day wearing the Carrara that I needed to be pretty active. Order of the day, paint the mouldings...so up, down, on the floor, on knees, on stepladder, etc. All in all, not too bad. I've since tightened the belt to the second loosest setting (started out on the loosest. Being active wasn't a huge issue, however toward the afternoon one of the pressure points was really starting to get to me, so I figured I'd take a few hours off.

Also, I rode my motorcycle belted today. Just a 10 mile round trip to the hardware store. It was "doable" for that, but anything longer than that I'd say I'd need to remove the belt. Now, that could be because I ride a crotch-rocket. Perhaps if I rode a cruiser like a harley it might be more comfortable.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Still trying to break this thing in

Well, breaking in the Carrara has proven to be a bit more difficult than the my-steels. I think a lot of that is due to the fact that the steel is much thicker, and thus less apt to bend on its own. That and I'm dealing with some chafing at the moment so belts off for now, will go back on in a few days.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Made it 24 straight hours

Well, I finally made it 24 hours straight without removal in the Carrara; have had it now for 6 days. It's a bit more difficult to get used to than the my-steels, but that's because the steel is much thicker. I can't see a reason to remove it tonight so I intend to sleep in it again. Might switch back to the My-Steel for tomorrow, maybe not.

Still Breaking in the Carrara

I'm getting more and more used to wearing the carrara now, have been switching between it and the my-steel but intending to spend some more time in the carrara.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

3rd Night

I was dealing with a bit of chafing around my thighs, so I figured I'd take the night off from wearing the carrara belt. Thankfully I still have my trusty my-steel so wore that one last night, complete with a buttplug. Woke early am....needed the plug out so took that out and switched back to the carrara.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

First impressions of carrara belt

After about 2 months, I got the package. Actually, I got a notice saying that I had to go to the post office and pick it up so I did that next morning. That was rather mortifying, as on the box, is the order receipt in plain view; and his logo is a guy wearing one of these belts. There was no hiding from the lady behind the counter what was in the box. However she didn't say anything; either she was oblivious to it (what I hope) or she maintained professionalism (this is more likely).

I took it right home, opened it up...it was gorgeous so I immediately had to try it on. First, had to unlock the my-steel (the agreement was that I had to wear it until the carrara arrived). At first, I thought I may have mis-measured, because I struggled with the thing for about 20 minutes just to get it on. It's tight, that's for sure. But, I did finally get it on and went back to work.

It is starting to mold to my body, I'm able to get it one notch tighter, though am still keeping it at the loosest setting. I've tried the various attachments, the spikes, etc. All seem to work well. Bathroom functions are not an issue, but this thing is HEAVY! So it's taking some getting used to.

So far, I wore it all day Thursday, took it off for Friday, but put it back on Friday night. Slept with it on both nights, sleeping is no problem with it on, in fact last night I had one of the most restful sleeps of my life.

3rd Belt - Goethals' Carrara belt

I've now taken delivery of my 3rd Custom Belt, this one from Belgian maker Walter Goethals AKA, Carrara Designs. Reason I went with this, a friend of mine ordered one, and I got to see it in person. Unfortunately I couldn't try it on as he's a skinny kid and I simply couldn't fit (I did try though).

I was so impressed by it that I think I sent the order request in the next day.

Measuring was easy enough, I ordered the full belt, with the ball covers...top of the line. In January I got my prince albert piercing, wish I had done this years ago. So, since I had the piercing I added the additional PA lock....now wearing this thing, that's completely unnecessary.

Also, I lucked out I suppose, because after the fact I asked that he include the front dildo, which he did and he also included the optional, removable penis tube spikes...those are fiendishly evil! Only option I didn't get was the locking rear dildo, I have one from the My-Steel belt which will work on this belt, should I choose to use it. I rarely used it on the mysteel, preferring regular buttplugs that I can easily insert/remove as necessary.

2nd My-Steel Belt

I'd been without a belt for a few months, and suffice it to say, I missed it. So, January of 2011 I decided to order another belt. Since I had a great experience with My-Steel the first time around I figured I'd go with them again. This time, I went with the "Activ" Thong style rear and went with the smaller diameter closed ended tube. Reason for that is that on the first belt I found that after a few weeks, if I was horny enough, I could reach into the tube and stimulate myself enough to cum, so I wanted to fix that.

Going with the smaller, closed end tube was a great idea! Much more secure, and easy enough to keep clean.

I took delivery of the belt mid March, 2011. However I only got to use it for about a month at the outset. Many of you in the USA know that 2011 was a wacky weather year, and I was affected. My house flooded out, was evacuated and house was without power and unlivable for 2 months. Thankfully great friends allowed me to stay with them; but my spring and summer, most of my free time was devoted to gutting my house. Don't worry, I have my house back now, it's repaired and better than ever, but it's an experience I hope I never have to deal with again...I don't think I have it in me for a second time around.

That being said, I didn't really start wearing again until the fall. I did have a couple of guys agree to be keyholder, and they generally did; but were somewhat reluctant about it. I think they didn't get it, or only really agreed to do so since I wanted it. It was OK though, I generally did 2 week stints; some longer some shorter.

Wow...been a long time since I've updated this

Well fellow readers, if you thought this blog was dead it is not! I guess I can say a bit about what's happened over the past few years. First off, I sold my first My-steel belt (the one with the black lining) I actually lost about 50lbs! Went from wearing Size 40 Jeans down to 33! Obviously no chastity belt can deal with that kind of weight loss.

Sooo, I posted online, sold it in one day, smooth paypal transaction. Bought it for $800, sold it 2 years later for $500, so I definitely got my money's worth out of it.

Next post I will detail Belt #2