Sunday, May 27, 2012

Being active...locked

Well, today was the first day wearing the Carrara that I needed to be pretty active. Order of the day, paint the up, down, on the floor, on knees, on stepladder, etc. All in all, not too bad. I've since tightened the belt to the second loosest setting (started out on the loosest. Being active wasn't a huge issue, however toward the afternoon one of the pressure points was really starting to get to me, so I figured I'd take a few hours off.

Also, I rode my motorcycle belted today. Just a 10 mile round trip to the hardware store. It was "doable" for that, but anything longer than that I'd say I'd need to remove the belt. Now, that could be because I ride a crotch-rocket. Perhaps if I rode a cruiser like a harley it might be more comfortable.

1 comment:

  1. yes... I rode my Harley many times while locked in my Carrara... no problem; actually I enjoyed the vibrations coming up from the motor into the Carrara ...