Saturday, May 12, 2012

3rd Belt - Goethals' Carrara belt

I've now taken delivery of my 3rd Custom Belt, this one from Belgian maker Walter Goethals AKA, Carrara Designs. Reason I went with this, a friend of mine ordered one, and I got to see it in person. Unfortunately I couldn't try it on as he's a skinny kid and I simply couldn't fit (I did try though).

I was so impressed by it that I think I sent the order request in the next day.

Measuring was easy enough, I ordered the full belt, with the ball of the line. In January I got my prince albert piercing, wish I had done this years ago. So, since I had the piercing I added the additional PA wearing this thing, that's completely unnecessary.

Also, I lucked out I suppose, because after the fact I asked that he include the front dildo, which he did and he also included the optional, removable penis tube spikes...those are fiendishly evil! Only option I didn't get was the locking rear dildo, I have one from the My-Steel belt which will work on this belt, should I choose to use it. I rarely used it on the mysteel, preferring regular buttplugs that I can easily insert/remove as necessary.

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  1. would your friend like to post a pic of himself locked in his carrara chastity belt, I have a thing for skinny guys in chastity.