Saturday, May 12, 2012

First impressions of carrara belt

After about 2 months, I got the package. Actually, I got a notice saying that I had to go to the post office and pick it up so I did that next morning. That was rather mortifying, as on the box, is the order receipt in plain view; and his logo is a guy wearing one of these belts. There was no hiding from the lady behind the counter what was in the box. However she didn't say anything; either she was oblivious to it (what I hope) or she maintained professionalism (this is more likely).

I took it right home, opened it was gorgeous so I immediately had to try it on. First, had to unlock the my-steel (the agreement was that I had to wear it until the carrara arrived). At first, I thought I may have mis-measured, because I struggled with the thing for about 20 minutes just to get it on. It's tight, that's for sure. But, I did finally get it on and went back to work.

It is starting to mold to my body, I'm able to get it one notch tighter, though am still keeping it at the loosest setting. I've tried the various attachments, the spikes, etc. All seem to work well. Bathroom functions are not an issue, but this thing is HEAVY! So it's taking some getting used to.

So far, I wore it all day Thursday, took it off for Friday, but put it back on Friday night. Slept with it on both nights, sleeping is no problem with it on, in fact last night I had one of the most restful sleeps of my life.

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