Saturday, May 12, 2012

2nd My-Steel Belt

I'd been without a belt for a few months, and suffice it to say, I missed it. So, January of 2011 I decided to order another belt. Since I had a great experience with My-Steel the first time around I figured I'd go with them again. This time, I went with the "Activ" Thong style rear and went with the smaller diameter closed ended tube. Reason for that is that on the first belt I found that after a few weeks, if I was horny enough, I could reach into the tube and stimulate myself enough to cum, so I wanted to fix that.

Going with the smaller, closed end tube was a great idea! Much more secure, and easy enough to keep clean.

I took delivery of the belt mid March, 2011. However I only got to use it for about a month at the outset. Many of you in the USA know that 2011 was a wacky weather year, and I was affected. My house flooded out, was evacuated and house was without power and unlivable for 2 months. Thankfully great friends allowed me to stay with them; but my spring and summer, most of my free time was devoted to gutting my house. Don't worry, I have my house back now, it's repaired and better than ever, but it's an experience I hope I never have to deal with again...I don't think I have it in me for a second time around.

That being said, I didn't really start wearing again until the fall. I did have a couple of guys agree to be keyholder, and they generally did; but were somewhat reluctant about it. I think they didn't get it, or only really agreed to do so since I wanted it. It was OK though, I generally did 2 week stints; some longer some shorter.

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