Saturday, March 14, 2009


I am going to start a blog about my recent acquisition of a My-Steel Chastity belt. There isn't a lot on the net about these yet, so I'm going to share my experiences with it.

Anyway, a little about me, I'm currently 25, from the United States. I've been interested in chastity ever since I found out these things existed back in the 90's, when the internet was in it's infancy. I've owned a cb-2000 and a cb-3000 in the past, and while they are OK, I always wanted something better. Now, I have it.

I finally took the plunge and ordered a My-Steel total belt with the ergonomic waistband and continuous crotch band. This is the model that is adjustable in the waist, crotch and placement of the penis tube, and aside from the adjustability of the belt, it is similar in concept to the Neosteel belt, which has been on the market for years. My-Steel is a relatively new manufacturer, but they have an extensive product line.

That's my intro, the next post will be about the ordering process. I don't want to say how often I will update this blog, it will more be as I have something to say about it, so check back often.

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