Sunday, November 1, 2009

Finally wore the My-Steel to the Gym!

I am very happy to say that I finally got up the nerve to wear my chastity belt to the gym. A little history, I joined the gym finally back in August since I really am trying to get in better shape since I do need to do that. Anyway, all this time I did not wear the cb to the gym, I was afraid that it would chafe, that it would be noticeable and it would impede my workout so up until this point, I would always unlock myself right before going to the gym and immediately lock back up once I got home. I'll be honest, this didn't always work. When the belt is off, that's when temptation is at it's greatest, and unfortunately a few times that I did this, I gave into temptation and rubbed one out.

I know that if I find a keyholder, the whole removing the belt several times a week for the gym is going to be difficult, if not impossible. This would leave two options, either not go to the gym, or not stay chaste. Neither of these are really acceptable options.

Today, I finally got up the courage to wear it to the gym, and I'm extremely happy to say that it worked out just fine. I figured I'd try it out today since generally on Sunday's it's pretty empty, not sure why I thought that would be a factor, but whatever. My main thought was how to prevent chafing, and here's what I did. Before I left the house, I spread a healthy amount of A&D ointment around the usual trouble spots, donned one of my tightest pairs of briefs, put in a Depend Male Guard as well. Yes, I do wear these guards on a daily basis to prevent any drips whch are a problem for me, but the guard also has the added benefit of curving itself around the crotch shield creating a barrier between the metal edges of the shield and my thighs. If I do this with tight briefs, it seems to work pretty well. As an added measure, I wore a pair of tight cycling shorts over this, and then of course a pair of loose nylon shorts over that. I wore the shorts that have a drawstring, and I tied it rather tight.

All of this worked out quite well, I was able to do some weights, and also most importantly, cardio. I was able to do a solid half hour on the elliptical, and I didn't have to go any slower than normal. All in all, it was not an issue at all to wear the belt to the gym, and I will continue to do so. I didn't get any chafing whatsoever either. I guess this means that I no longer have to remove the belt for this and that I can go back to true 24/7 wear, which makes me very happy :)

And for those of you who are wondering, no I did not shower at the gym, I'm not doing that in the belt since the only shower facilities are not private, they are the traditional group showers, I waited until I got home.


  1. I've found that I'm able to do both weights and recumbent bicycling wearing a cb-3000 (although the recumbent bicycle requires a little work to make sure it's positioned comfortably).

    But i'm not sure what i'll do if i find i have to shower at the gym.

  2. Congratulations on working it out! I wear the combination of cycling shorts + loose shorts over the top all the time, whether I'm wearing my CB-xxxx or not. It works very well :-)

  3. You seem to have a great system worked out there I too have worn the cb3k and 2k to the gym with only a towel around me to the shower I faced the wall while showering and rewraped towell after was good and no comments

  4. Congratulations!
    I´m locked in a Reinholds full-cb 24/7 and go to the gym 1-2times a week. No problems at all - I use also the showers, which are only seperated by a short wall between. They are not private, so that I have to wrap a towel around me before I can take off my underpants. I try to use the last shower in the line, so that nobody can watch me, standing here in cb!!

    Maybe you will shower too in future in the gym??

  5. Yeah, I'm not going to shower at the gym, there are no stalls at my gym, just the good old gang showers. Also, it's not a gay gym, it's the Y, so it's a family place and I just think it would be in poor taste to show it off there.

  6. I am thinking of using a Male Chastity Device as a motivator in my gym workouts

    I am male and need to get fit for the summer. I have worn a Chastity Device for a week a few times before, and I felt energized, so I want to use a Chastity Device to redirect my sex drive into my gym workouts.

    I have a poll I would like you to vote on

  7. To this latest commenter (regarding chastity as a motivator for exercise) I had the exact same situation, and came up with a "chaste weightloss" program that combines chastity with punishment through CBT and the like. Check out my page for the whole process (there's a link to the program in the tagline/header of the blog). I haven't started yet (cuz my CB hasn't arrived yet) but plan to very soon and can't wait! :P

  8. I wear speedos over my CB and can work out at everything bar cycling. Afterwards I shower in speedos and then swim. Afterwards I have a spell in the sauna until I am dryish and redress. Speedos never come off and conceal enough to look natural if rather well endowed. Only problem is those bikini clad beautes in pool or sauna. Can create pressure (lots) and discomfort but the CB and and swimwear hold everthing firm. I have fled from the sauna on one occasion.

  9. I work out in my Mature Metal device and don't have issues. Mostly I avoid the showers but have had to use them three or four times. I was really nervous but don't think anyone noticed except for once, and the two guys I know saw it didn't say anything. In retrospect, I would imagine very few guys would say anything about it. Most of the gym crowd at a lot of gyms seems really homophobic and wouldn't want to be caught checking out my junk, and the majority of the rest of them are likely too shy. It was extremely nerve racking every time, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't also exciting, and also easier to survive than I'd imagined it would be.

    My wife and keyholder works out at the same gym, and while my mind is allowed to wander on long recumbent bike sessions, I've occasionally daydreamed that one of the muscular guys who noticed me would also see me with her sometime and put 2 and 2 together, and wondered what her reaction would be if a good looking guy at the gym hit on her or asked about keeping me locked up.

    It's technically a family gym, so I try to avoid showing the cage out of courtesy to parents there who might not want to have an uncomfortable question to answer in the locker room. I finish my workout and then go home to shower unless I have to go directly to someplace that I can't go smelling like a gym sock. However, when showering there with or without the cage, I've almost never shared the shower area with children, and nobody at my gym knows me personally, so on the times when it was unavoidable that my cage was visible, it was of little consequence.