Saturday, October 10, 2009


Ok, I am seriously getting tired of people passing off their fake jackoff chastity fantasies as truth. I guess I'm fairly well known, at least to a degree in the chastity belt community, and my yahoo messenger account is really no secret to anyone on just about any chastity board out there. Every so often, someone IM's me out of the blue wanting to chat. I'm cool with that, I like to chat with new people, anyone new want to chat with me, drop me an IM - just be real.

What I don't like is people making up what are clearly fake stories that they are passing off as the truth. Now, don't get me wrong, I like some good old chastity fiction as much as anyone, I like reading the stories from time to time, heck, jock locked high is one of my favorite stories out there. However, they are fiction, and billed as such. I just am getting really tired of people making things up.

The most recent one takes the cake. I'll paraphrase the story this guy told me. I personally am 99.99% sure it is fiction, if it's not, well then he needs to be in jail. He starts off by telling me that one of the guys he has locked is pretty horny, ok so far. That he made him wear a vibrating butt plug all day, and since he'd been locked for months that his underwear were pretty wet by the end of the day. OK so far, however now is where it goes over the line. He says the batteries in the vibe lasted until 7th period. RED FLAG here. This might not be a common term outside the US, but periods are what classes in school are called. So I ask, and he confirms that his locked guy is a senior in high school, and that he's 18 years old.

Another flag here, while it's "possible" most high school seniors would be only 17 years old at this point during the year. It gets worse, says that he locks the kid in a neosteel, those arent cheap, and arent easy to get. Add to this the fact that according to this guys j/o fantasy, the 18y/o kids brother is also locked in a neosteel, and that kid is 15. Come on, seriously. It's legal to lock the 18 y/o, if it was consentual, but a 15 year old, absolutely not. The story goes on and on, I ask to chat with the guys, but that's not possible, they are too "busy" working out naked, while their dom watches them on cam that he has at the workout room in his house.

I finally call B.S. on him, and he just abruptly signs out. I gotta say, I'm getting tired of these. There's another one on the Locked M4M site, an 18 year old has a friend who just "happens" to have a Latowski belt hanging around that will fit him, and he's gonna be locked for 3 years. To quote Officer Rod Farva from the movie Supertroopers; "I'll believe that when me shit turns purple and tastes like rainbow sherbet."

Oh, and if any of the people who tried passing off these stories as the god's honest truth, I have one thing to say to you: PROVE IT! Like I said, I have nothing against fiction, but write it down in a story, post it on a site, list it as fiction and get on with it. If you REALLY want to be locked, well then buy a CB, if you want to lock someone... JUST ASK, there's no shortage of guys needing keyholders, myself included!

Sorry, just had to vent about this.


  1. don't take them too seriously, they need someone to listen to their fantasy to make them enjoy it more.

    Wish the ferry on Lake Champlain don't stop in Winter.Oh well.....

  2. Yes, there are quite many people on the IM who are enjoying the fantasy of their own.

  3. Oh I know it, I'm just saying...

    BTW Jerry, the ferry doesn't stop in the winter, only one of them does.

  4. Great to know the ferry actually continues in Winter! I know you are still looking for local keyholder. And I know I'm not really qualified as I am not really local. But I get to Burlington very often, mostly twice a month. Let me know if you think I could be a potential candidate for your keyholder position. :-)

  5. I finally call B.S. on him, and he just abruptly signs out.

    I've gotten yelled at in a few online groups for calling BS on somebody's wank fantasy. And the silly thing is that if you write a good fantasy story and admit it upfront, people will enjoy the scenario just as much. Hell, my Stories pages gets dozens of hits every day, even though I make it clear that it's all fiction.

    Unfortunately, some people simply want the attention, and instead of taking the time to craft a good story, they simply lie and claim that they are living a fantasy, in hopes that people will find them interesting.

  6. I agree with you there, I like the stories, but mark them as fiction.