Sunday, June 21, 2009

Three Full Weeks In The Belt

Well Fellow Readers, today marks three full weeks in the belt. Yes, I have gone much longer than that in the past without orgasm, and I will continue to remain locked. However, this is the longest time that I have been in the belt with no removal of the belt at all. That's right, it has not been removed at all for any reason since Sunday, May 31st. I think this is an important milestone as I did truly wonder how long it really was possible to wear the belt without removal and I'm happy to report that three weeks was really a piece of cake.

The belt has been very hygienic during this time, I can't notice any odors or anything, things seems to be staying very clean. I only experienced a little bit of minor chafing, which cleared up quite quickly with some A&D ointment. Also, this has given me the true experience of really wearing it at all times in many different types of situations and I'm glad to report that wearing it is not a problem at all. Most of the time I barely know that it's on as it has really molded itself to my body. I am glad to report that the belt is very wearable for long periods of time, and even after three weeks I can not think of any reason that it has to be removed, so it will remain locked on for quite a while longer.

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  1. hi cbeltguy glad to hear from you especially with regard the three weeks milestone well done. I have had my cb6000 on solid for three weeks this saturday with no removals at all and on the morning it comes off i am being sent up to be measured by richard davies of tollyboy for a new full steel belt, so will be joining you soon in steel pants for my mistresses pleasure. regards allornowt